If I thought you were going to break my heart,

I would slip into my rain jacket,

Pull on my compression socks

And lace up my running shoes.

I would tell you I was going out for seltzer,

and I would drop my phone into a trash bin on the…

I’m on the final leg of my day, read on to see how my buddy Rex Thor takes it easy on me in the drifts, and then a beagle named Molly and I try to catch a cab uptown

Lumi, Ozzy, Chumley and Max, Harlem 2017

As I sat huddled in my bus seat, tears rolled down…

In this one, I seek shelter in my favorite place, take a dog for a spin in Bed Bath and Beyond, and have a god sent encounter with a generous teen boy.

Minnie and Bandit, Harlem 2017

The 1 train deposited me on 66th and Broadway and I launched my battered body up the subway…

Jamie O'Reilly

I own Barks and Rec. NYC, a dog walking and boarding company. I write mostly about my dog friends, and sometimes about other things.

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